About Us

Real Fit is movement oriented fitness training facility, focused on human performance & rehabilitation, taking the body’s fitness limits to a greater level. From a one-man freelance personal fitness training service to a localized fitness training facility specializing in small group fitness training, one-on-one personal fitness training & various sorts of movement & physical fitness based activities.

Previously known as Body For People since 2003, Real Fit was revamped early 2011. It has now evolved into a  structured fitness training facility in the epicenter of the east in Singapore along Joo Chiat Road, training everyone from all walks of life in the art of moving better from 7yrs-70yrs Old! 

Training programs at Real Fit are designed to meet the demands of anyone looking to increase energy levels & improve their performance. We offer programs like personal training, small group personal training & instruction, and specialty classes throughout the week catered to both adults & youths looking to maximise time in days per week intervals.

Technology has created a lifestyle paradox that while it enables people to complete daily activities with greater efficiency, it has replaced everyday movement. This decline in movement has resulted in – increase dysfunction, obesity, need for greater energy, mental acuity and self-efficacy.

Real Fit programs aim to improve the human body’s independent ability to move and function freely with great strength of ease, thereby improving fitness, flexibility, stamina and weight management. We are dedicated to changing and enhancing the lifestyles and fitness habits of motivated individuals. We work with clients to create and enact an optimal plan for success based on the individuality and goals of those we are working with.